Pauline Schmitz

I am a Liscensed Massage Therapist living in Scarborough Maine. I graduated in the summer of 2013 from SpaTech Institute in Westbrook with an emphasis on Deep Tissue. I've taken additional training in sciatic, knee and ankle issues as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. I especially enjoy working on hips as they have been my own problem areas much of my life. Soon to come to my skill set will be massage medicupping (great for fascia and lymph issues!).

What I Am Currently Involved In

I'm an avid hiker and if I don't get back to you the same day you call or write I'm most likely camping on a mountain in Maine or New Hampshire. I'm also a member of  Scarborough Gamers and enjoy the heavier strategy board games. When I'm not gaming or hiking I pull up to a table and fold origami, mostly modular pieces (you can see some examples in the office).

In the Past

My original career track was in the greenhouse and landscape industry. Due to injury and allergies I had to switch my focus. I wish I had known more about massage for that time in my life! My second career path was in the cooking industry. I found that this was more stress than I wanted to handle for the rest of my life. After much soul searching and research I discovered the desire to become a massage therapist. 

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